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Beauty & Health >> Makeup >> Eyeliners >> ISEHAN Heavy Rotation Perfect Eyeliner N, 02 Deep Brown /Beauty/ Makeup

ISEHAN Heavy Rotation Perfect Eyeliner N,​ 02 Deep Brown /Beauty/ Makeup

JP¥ 960   (US$ 8.51)
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A twist-type eyeliner pencil. Creates a deep brown color, giving your eyes a gentle, natural appearance. Perfect for a dolly makeup style! The soft crayon-style core also allows for smooth, soft application in the gaps between lashes and at the eye creases. Contains squalane (moisturizing ingredient), hyaluronic acid and chamomilla recutita extract.
●Ingredients: cyclopentasiloxane,​ trimethylsiloxysilicate,​ polyethylene,​ beeswax,​ di-PPG-3 myristyl ether adipate,​ others
●Instructions: (1) Perfect encircled eyes
Twist out the pencil about 2-3mm,​ draw the top line along the roots of the eyelashes and fill in any gaps .On the bottom,​ draw about a half or a third from the corner of the eye for a beautiful look!
(2) For emphasis lines
Draw a thick line at the center of the eyelid (above the iris) to make your eyes appear vertically bigger and emphasize the black of your pupils.
●Contents: 0.35g
●Made in Japan
Item No.  BH02451

ISEHAN Heavy Rotation Perfect Eyeliner N,​ 02 Deep Brown /Beauty/ Makeup
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