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Heroine Make-up Impact Eyelash Airy Volume /Beauty/ Makeup/ Miscellaneous Goods

JP¥ 720   (US$ 6.38)
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Faux lashes with an airy flair that look so natural. Designed with long center and volume ends for a soft wide-eyed look.
●With exclusive adhesive
[How to apply] First curl your eyelash with curler and then apply mascara.
1. Remove faux eyelash slowly from container by tweezers.
2. To make it easier to apply,​ hold both ends of the lash,​ flex and stretch it about 10 times.
3. Apply the adhesive evenly and thinly across the base of the faux lash.
4. When the adhesive is half dry,​ apply faux lash along the base of your lashes and slightly hold in place.
●Faux lashes can be cut to adjust the length with cosmetic scissors.
(To avoid cutting yourself,​ be sure to cut lashes before applying to your eyes.)
[How to remove]
1. Hold the end of the lash by the root and slowly remove.
2. Completely remove adhesive from the root of the lashes with a gentle motion. Make sure each lash (right & left) is stored in the correct position.
3. When faux lashes are soiled,​ gently wipe with cotton soaked in lukewarm water.
With correct use,​ these lashes can be used repeatedly. This does not apply if you use curler or mascara on these faux lashes.
●Caution: Stop using it immediately if the adhesive irritate your skin. For first time users and persons with sensitive skin,​ please perform patch test before using. (Apply some to the inner side of the upper arm and wait 24 hours for result.)
●Contents: 1 Pair
●Country of Origin: Faux Lashes: Indonesia,​ Personal Adhesive: Made in Japan
Item No.  BH02463

Heroine Make-up Impact Eyelash Airy Volume /Beauty/ Makeup/ Miscellaneous Goods
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