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Noage Filanano Pure Gold Essence

JP¥ 7,600   (US$ 68.75)
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An essence you can use after washing your face. Moisturizing ingredients and emollient ingredients balance your skin and makes it easy for lotion and cream to penetrate.
This item lavishly contains "colloidal gold*" liquid which is pure gold processed into ultrafine particles to provide firm, vital skin.

*Pure gold is processed to less than 5 nanometers with the latest technology.
●Fragrance-free,​ no mineral oils,​ displayed specified ingredients additive-free,​ no surfactants
●Ingredients: water,​ BG,​ glycerin,​ gold,​ soluble proteoglycan,​ hydrolyzed yeast extract,​ geranium robertianum extract,​ plantago major seed extract,​ hydrolyzed silk,​ phenoxy ethanol
●Usage Procedure: Face washing → Filanano Pure Gold Essence → lotion → toner → cream
Every morning and evening,​ after washing your face,​ add 2-4 pushes to the palms of your hands and gently blend in on the entire face and nape. After,​ continue with your regular routine.
*Pure Gold Essence: It doesn't contain oils so supplement with toner,​ cream etc.
●Contents: 30ml
●Brand Name: Noage Filanano
●Made in Japan (Nara Prefecture)
[Usage Precautions]
●Do not use if you have any abnormalities on your skin such as a wound,​ swelling,​ eczema.
●Those with allergies should definitely perform a patch test on the inside of their upper arm before using.
●If you experience any irritation during or after use,​ it is recommended that you cease use and consult a dermatologist.
●Should it get in your eyes,​ rinse immediately with water. Should you observe any abnormalities please consult an ophthalmologist.
[Handling Precautions]
●After use,​ be sure to close lid securely.
●Keep out of reach of children.
●Do not store in extremely hot or cold places or in direct sunlight.
●Package design and stated contents may change due to item revision.
Item No.  BH02607

Noage Filanano Pure Gold Essence
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