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BCL Tsururi Sebum Sucking Point Pack,​ Ghassoul & Red Power

JP¥ 1,080   (US$ 9.71)
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A wash-off pack that removes sticky sebum and impurities to make your skin smooth. This item contains Moroccan ghassoul, red clay, and red rock salt scrub. The red clay is rich in iron and has a high cleaning power. It removes excess sebum and moisturizes your skin. Recommended for those who are concerned about excessive sebum at the nose and forehead. The moisturizing ingredients taken from plants balance your skin and give you a smooth, clean finish.
●Item design,​ packaging etc,​ may change without prior notice due to redesigning.
●Ingredients: water,​ kaolin,​ talc,​ BG,​ bentonite,​ others
●Instructions: After washing your face,​ use on skin you have removed moisture from.
Take a suitable amount in your hand. Apply thinly to areas where excess sebum and pore impurities are a concern such as the nostrils and T-zone,​ avoiding the eye area. Pack for approx. 5 minutes. After,​ wash off properly with cold or lukewarm water.
*Use for special care 1-2 times a week.
●Contents: 55g
●Made in Japan
Item No.  BH02627

BCL Tsururi Sebum Sucking Point Pack,​ Ghassoul & Red Power
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