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Sunstar Do Clear Alpha Toothbrush,​ Extra-Compact,​ Soft

JP¥ 300   (US$ 2.66)
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You can easily brush fine are that are difficult to reach such as the back teeth, the space between teeth, the other side of the teeth, etc. The oblique head makes it easier to use. The wave cut fits in the spaces between teeth as well as the other side of teeth. Features an easy-to-grip curved handle.
●Item design,​ packaging etc,​ may change without prior notice due to redesigning.
●Materials: Handle Material: (Main Portion) saturated polyester resin,​ (Rubber Portion) polyester,​ polyether,​ Brush Material: nylon,​ saturated polyester resin
●Contents: 1
●Made in Japan
Item No.  BH02642

Sunstar Do Clear Alpha Toothbrush,​ Extra-Compact,​ Soft
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