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Mandom Lucido-L Oil Treatment EX Hair Oil,​ Rich Moisture

JP¥ 1,440   (US$ 12.57)
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An oil hair treatment that quickly spreads and blends into your hair. Contains ultra-high pressure-processed argan oil. This is moisturizing type that provides rich moisture to your hair. Recommended for those with stiff hair or regular hair.
●Item design,​ packaging etc,​ may change without prior notice due to redesigning.
●Ingredients: water,​ glycerin,​ DPG,​ mineral oil,​ stearyl alcohol,​ others
[Before blow-drying]
1. After shampooing,​ use on half-dried hair that has been dried slightly with a towel.
2. Spread small amounts (1-2 pushes) in the palm of your hand and blend in properly from the middle of the hair to the tips,​ combing your hand through the inner side of your hair.
*Applying with a comb provides more even effects and prevents irregularities.
3. After,​ dry hair with a hairdryer.
[Styling Advice]
In order to give your hair a glossy,​ quality appearance,​ spread 1-2 pushes on to your hands,​ apply well to dry hair,​ blending in thinly to the hair tips and hair surface.
●Contents: 60ml
●Made in Japan
Item No.  BH02650

Mandom Lucido-L Oil Treatment EX Hair Oil,​ Rich Moisture
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