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Koji Dream Magic Miracle Change Eye Tape II Slim,​ Beige / Beauty,​ Makeup

JP¥ 960   (US$ 8.84)
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Produced by model Maasa! Turn heavy eyelids into sharp double eyelids with this tape. Eye tape (slim type) to instantly change single eyelids into lovely double eyelids.
Made with non-woven rayon material that you can hide by applying eye shadow over it. Made with safe medical sanitary tape.
●Due to item redesign,​ the item design,​ packaging etc may change without prior notice.
●Ingredients: medical hygiene product tape (rayon non-woven cloth)
(1) Before use,​ wipe off oil,​ dirt etc on top of eyelids with cotton and decide double-eyelid line.
(2) Pinch tape end with tweezers and slowly remove from backing sheet.
*Please note that the adhesiveness of the tape will lessen if you remove with your fingers.
(3) Align tape upper portion with desired double-eyelid line and securely adhere to eyelid.
(4) Apply eye shadow on top of tape and it is complete.
[Please Note]
●Tape: Made using kind-to-the-skin medical hygiene product tape. However,​ those with allergies should perform a patch test (apply to inner side of upper arm,​ leave for 24 hours and confirm that there are no abnormalities) before use.
●Do not use if you have any abnormalities on your skin such as a sound,​ swelling,​ eczema etc.
●Should you observe any abnormalities during use,​ such as redness,​ itchiness,​ irritation,​ etc.,​ discontinue use and consult a dermatologist. If you continue to use,​ symptoms may worsen.
●Be sure to remove tape before sleeping.
●Contents: 192
●Made in Japan
Item No.  BH02816

Koji Dream Magic Miracle Change Eye Tape II Slim,​ Beige / Beauty,​ Makeup
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