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Bandai Kids' Toothbrush,​ Set of 3,​ Toy Story

JP¥ 460   (US$ 4.12)
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A set of 3 Toy Story design toothbrushes. With its round bristles that don't damage gums and round-tipped compact head that allows for easy cleaning right to the back teeth, this toothbrush is easy to use even for kids.
●Due to item redesign,​ the item design,​ packaging etc may change without prior notice.
●Materials: Handle Materials: polypropylene,​ Brush Materials: nylon
●Size: approx. W15mm x H140mm
●Brush Firmness: Regular
●Suitable Age: For infants (3 years and older). From when baby teeth have all come in until they are replaced with adult teeth.
*When the brush tips start to spread out,​ replace with a new toothbrush.
●Design Sticker x 4
*Stick your favorite sticker onto toothbrush and use. The stickers are made of a durable,​ water-resistant material.
●Name Protection Sticker x 4
*After writing your name directly onto the back of the handle with an oil-based pen,​ cover it with the protection sticker. This will stop the name from disappearing.
●Heat Tolerance: 100°C
●Set Contents: Toothbrush x 3,​ Design Sticker x 4,​ Name Protection Sticker x 4
●Made in Japan
Item No.  BH02872

Bandai Kids' Toothbrush,​ Set of 3,​ Toy Story
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