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Kao Biore Smooth Powder Sheet,​ Soda & Peach,​ for Carrying / Beauty,​ Miscellaneous Item

JP¥ 340   (US$ 3.06)
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A body sheet that cleans away sweat stickiness and odors. Contains smooth, translucent powder that keeps your skin dry for a long time. You can properly clean your whole body with one thick, robust sheet.
When wiping there's a lime soda aroma and after a peach one.
●Due to item redesign,​ the item design,​ packaging etc may change without prior notice.
●Ingredients: water,​ ethanol,​ lauryl methacrylate/sodium methacrylate crosspolymer,​ isostearyl glyceryl ether,​ dimethicone,​ others
●Instructions: Take out sheet and wipe skin. You can use both sides of the sheet.
*Do not use to wipe furniture of electric appliances.
*If strongly pressed while inside your bag etc.,​ liquid may seep out.
●Do not use if you have alcohol hypersensitivity,​ have especially sensitive skin and do not use on infants.
●The sheet doesn't break down in water so do not flush down the toilet.
●Avoid direct sunlight. Store in a cool,​ dry place in the shade.
●Contents: 10
●Made in Japan
Item No.  BH02897

Kao Biore Smooth Powder Sheet,​ Soda & Peach,​ for Carrying / Beauty,​ Miscellaneous Item
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