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Kao Laurier Sarapure Soft Type,​ 50cc / Pantyliner,​ Incontinence Sheet

JP¥ 580   (US$ 5.14)
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An incontinence sheet that features softness against the skin. A medium amount type (50cc). Equipped with a "skin stress-free sheet" made of smooth fibers in a wavy construction. With low stimulation processing that reduces rubbing even when there's no leakage. When called upon, moisture-absorbing polymer dries in an instant. Triple deodorant (anti-bacterial, neutralizing, adsorbing) for peace of mind when it comes to odors. A soft type with a secure fit.
●Due to item redesign,​ the item design,​ packaging etc may change without prior notice.
●Surface Material: polyethylene,​ polyester non-woven cloth
●Size: Length 23cm
[Usage Precautions]
*Should this disagree with your skin,​ consult a doctor.
*Wrap used napkins in individual wrapper and throw away.
*Do not flush down the toilet.
[Storage Precautions]
*After opening,​ store hygienically so that dust and insects do not enter.
●Contents: 18
●Made in Japan
Item No.  BH02915

Kao Laurier Sarapure Soft Type,​ 50cc / Pantyliner,​ Incontinence Sheet
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