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Kao MegRhythm Thermal Sheet,​ Attach-to-Skin Type 4 / Beauty,​ Miscellaneous Item

JP¥ 650   (US$ 5.99)
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A comfortably warm temperature of 40 degrees for 5-8 hours! A thermal sheet that you can directly attach to stiff and tired areas. Fits securely against the skin and won't peel off easily when you move. This thin type that is easy to attach to the joints, neck and shoulders is not conspicuous through outer wear.
Wraps you in soothing warm steam, improving blood flow at the adhered to area and relieving stiffness and fatigue.
●Due to item redesign,​ the item design,​ packaging etc may change without prior notice.
●Eye Mask Material: Surface Material: polypropylene,​ Heating Element: contains iron powder
[Heating Effects]
1. Improves blood circulation
2. Relaxes stiff muscles
3. Relieves muscle tiredness
4. Activates gastrointestinal function
5. Alleviates neuralgia and muscles pain
6. Fatigue recovery
●Instructions: Peel off sheet release paper and stick directly on to skin. (neck. shoulder,​ stomach,​ waist,​ legs,​ etc)
[Do not use in the following cases]
*If heat brings about a rash or hives
*If you have a reduced sense of heat or are sensitive to temperature
*If you are sensitive to the stimulus of plasters etc,​ have experienced rashes due to plasters etc.
*If you cannot remove the sheet at your own will
[Do not use on the following areas]
*On areas where there is a hot or swollen inflammation such as a sprain or bruise
*On mucous membranes,​ the face (around the eyes etc)
*On areas with a cut,​ abrasion,​ insect bite etc.
*On areas with a skin condition such as eczema,​ a rash,​ etc.
*On areas you are using medical patches or ointments
[Consult a doctor or pharmacist in the following cases]
*If you are receiving treatment etc from a doctor
*If you have diabetes,​ a blood circulation disorder or easily get hot flushes
*If you have a fever or inflammatory diseases
*If you have ever had allergic symptoms (a rash,​ redness,​ itchiness,​ irritation etc) caused by medicine,​ cosmetics etc.
*If you are pregnant
[Other Precautions]
*If you feel too hot,​ discontinue use immediately.
*Avoid using while asleep.
*Be sure that the sheet fits properly against the skin. Make sure that the sheet adhesive portion doesn't bend and wrinkle,​ the heating element doesn't overlap,​ and the sheet doesn't rise up or peel off.
*Avoid using sheet on areas that wrinkle and change shape easily (such as the inside of the knee etc).
*Including young children,​ the elderly and the physically disabled,​ those who cannot immediately discontinue use by themselves should take proper care.
●Storage Instructions: Avoid direct sunlight and store in a cool place.
●Contents: 4
●Made in Japan
Item No.  BH02928

Kao MegRhythm Thermal Sheet,​ Attach-to-Skin Type 4 / Beauty,​ Miscellaneous Item
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