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Gatsby Hair Jam,​ Smart Nuance,​ Mobile,​ 30ml / Hair Styling

JP¥ 360   (US$ 3.24)
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With "Natural Touch" styling technology, this gives you a great look for a long time without stickiness or hardness! This Hair Jam series item is for flowing hair that has discreet movement and smart style.

・Great application sensation - contains oil-free formulation & powder styling ingredients. With a wonderfully light feel without any stickiness.
・Long time durability - powder styling ingredients absorb oil, sweat and moisture, preventing loss of style.
・With a hair care effect - contains inner care amino acids (repairing ingredient)
・A jam type that blends in well. You can quickly and easily set your hair.
・With a fruity floral fragrance (a slight aroma that doesn't remain)
●Design,​ packaging etc. may change without prior notice due to item redesign.
●Ingredients: water,​ ethanol,​ PPG-10 methyl glucose,​ BG,​ panthenol,​ others
・Take a suitable amount (a small coin sized amount) and spread in the palms of your hands. To style,​ apply evenly little by little to your whole hair when dry.
・Should you apply too much,​ or should you run your hand through your hair too vigorously,​ white powder may appear. In this case,​ lightly mix in with water.
(1) Using your hands as a come,​ zig-zag from top to bottom and then press down the sides.
(2) Hold the top,​ create volume and then add flow to the fringe.
[Usage Precautions]
・Do no use should you have any abnormalities such as a wound or swelling on your scalp. Should you experience an abnormality such as irritation,​ discontinue use and consult a dermatologist.
・Should it not come out easily,​ lightly shake the container up and down and then use.
・After use,​ close cap and be take care so that it doesn't spill out.
・Do not leave in direct sunlight or places with high temperatures.
・Store out of reach of children.
●Contents: 30ml
●Made in Japan
Item No.  BH02964

Gatsby Hair Jam,​ Smart Nuance,​ Mobile,​ 30ml / Hair Styling
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