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Gatsby Shield Deodorant Stick,​ Unscented,​ 15g

JP¥ 900   (US$ 7.98)
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Apply this stick-type deodorant with 3 active ingredients in the morning, and it will guard until the evening.

・The odor-suppressing effect lasts for a long time. (Contains 2 kinds of sterilizing ingredients)
・Properly suppresses armpit sweat. (Contains antiperspirant ingredients.)
・With a smooth application sensation - you can put on clothes right after using this.
・Unscented, so leaves no fragrance on the skin.
・Efficacy: For underarm odor, for skin sweat odor, antiperspirant.
●Design,​ packaging etc. may change without prior notice due to item redesign.
●Quasi drug,​ fragrance-free,​ paraben-free
●Ingredients: aluminum chlorohydrate,​ benzalkonium chloride,​ isopropylmethylphenol,​ stearyl alcohol,​ PPG-14 butyl ether,​ others
(1) Remove cap by twisting. After,​ push down white portion at the top of the container,​ twist bottom of contain and extract 1cm of stick. Apply to underarms etc.
(2) After use,​ retract content and securely close cap.
※The stick may break if you drop this or extract too much,​ so take care.
[Usage Precautions]
・Avoid using on the face and on mucous membranes. Also,​ do not use directly after hair removal or when you have a wound.
・Those sensitive to the cold of menthol and those with sensitive skin should not use this.
・Store out of reach of children.
・It may turn clothing white should it become adhere to it.
●Contents: 15g
●Made in Japan
Item No.  BH02967

Gatsby Shield Deodorant Stick,​ Unscented,​ 15g
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