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Kao Deep Clean,​ Finger Toothbrush L Size / Dental,​ Oral Care

JP¥ 420   (US$ 3.76)
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An toothbrush (L size) that you use with your finger. Brush by gently massaging weakened gums. Recommended for use with Deep Clean Medicated Toothpaste.
*Please kindly understand that the color cannot be chosen.
●Design,​ packaging etc. may change without prior notice due to item redesign.
●Materials: silicone rubber
(1) Put finger toothbrush on finger and add toothpaste.
(2) Brush by gently massaging tooth and gum concern areas.
※Gently brush just like regular toothbrushing.
[Regular Brushing Style]
・Gently press your gums with this finger toothbrush and check their condition.
・Brush little by little using your finger.
・Brush from top to bottom in a sweeping motion.
※If you brush your teeth once a day with this,​ please replace after approx. 3 months (approx. 100 uses).
※For difficult to reach places,​ brush using your regular toothbrush.
※Use regular toothpaste with this finger toothbrush.
[Please Note]
・Do not use for any purpose other than as a toothbrush.
・Store out of reach of children.
・Take care so that the brush doesn't come off and is swallowed.
・Should it become damaged,​ stop using and replace.
・Do not apply to much force as this may damage your gums.
●Contents: 1 (L Size)
●Made in Japan
Item No.  BH03001

Kao Deep Clean,​ Finger Toothbrush L Size / Dental,​ Oral Care
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