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Kids' >> Unisex >> Tops >> [United Athle] 5.6 Ounce High Quality T-Shirt (for Kids)
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[United Athle] 5.6 Ounce High Quality T-Shirt (for Kids)

JP¥ 1,100   (US$ 10.25)
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    Classic high quality T-shirt at a reasonable price. The durable material will endure long term, repeat use. Highly recommended for making your own original T-shirt.
    ●Materials: cotton 100%
    ●Made in China
    ●[Neck Ribbing](90cm) no stitching,​ (100-160cm) double-stitching
    ●[Side Design](90-140cm) vertical seams at sides,​ (150-160cm) no seams at sides

    [Handling precautions regarding collar name tag]
    This item may have a mixture of old & new collar name tags in different designs. Please kindly understand that this collar tag cannot be specified.
    [Handling precautions regarding items for babies]
    Regarding materials used in items for babies (size 90cm & under): Safety has been confirmed at an inspection agency.
    However,​​ depending on the processing conditions and storage state,​​ formaldehyde may be transferred onto the product. (Aqueous solution of formaldehyde is commonly called formalin.)
    Please take proper care such as using printing material that does not contain formaldehyde when processing,​​ and keeping the item in a sealed state so that it doesn't come into contact with outside air when storing.
    Item No.  CAB00685

    [United Athle] 5.6 Ounce High Quality T-Shirt (for Kids)
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