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Women's >> Denim/Jeans >> Full Length >> [Cecile] Knit Denim Skinny Pants / 2016 Winter New Item, Ladies'
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[Cecile] Knit Denim Skinny Pants / 2016 Winter New Item,​ Ladies'

JP¥ 4,590 - JP¥ 5,630   (US$ 40.39 - US$ 49.55)
  • SS(Inseam 68cm)
  • SS(Inseam 72cm)
  • S(Inseam 68cm)
  • S(Inseam 72cm)
  • S(Inseam 76cm)
  • M(Inseam 68cm)
  • M(Inseam 72cm)
  • M(Inseam 76cm)
  • L(Inseam 68cm)
  • L(Inseam 72cm)
  • L(Inseam 76cm)
  • LL(Inseam 68cm)
  • LL(Inseam 72cm)
  • LL(Inseam 76cm)
  • 3L(Inseam 68cm)
  • 3L(Inseam 72cm)
  • 3L(Inseam 76cm)
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    Superb stretch in every direction as only comes with knit materials.
    Surprisingly deep stretch that returns to form with powerful ease! No worries about stretched knees! Also offers good length-wise stretch to comfortably accommodate large movements at the knees and hips.

    Soft and warm sense of fit thanks to the fleece-lined winter-exclusive material.
    With fully elastic waist for easy-going wearing comfort. Through a reasonable amount of thickness, this item also covers up your body lines.
    Skinny pants can feel constricting, but with this knit denim design, you can enjoy plenty of leeway and a beautiful well-fitted figure. Highly appraised for their slimming effects!
    Choose between 3 inseam lengths (68cm/72cm/76cm inseam).
    ●95% Cotton,​ 5% polyurethane (Knit Denim)
    ●Fully elastic waist,​ front decorative zipper stitching,​ 5 pockets
    ●Due to this item's washed finish,​ there may be slight wrinkles and color inconsistency Furthermore the finished measurements may vary slightly.
    ●D: When wearing,​ colors may bleed due to friction etc. Furthermore,​ this item bleeds easily,​ so wash separately.
    ●D: In order to give a used look,​ portions have been faded using a processed finish (blast finish). Processing nuance may differ depending on the item.
    ●Machine wash
    ●Made in China and Cambodia
    [Available in 3 inseam lengths]
    [Also available in small sizes] (SS-3L)
    Item No.  CE16L0483
    This item on sale until : 2017/02/27  

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