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Waist Support Belt

JP¥ 7,800   (US$ 70.74)
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    A waist support belt developed by a quality undergarment manufacturer. With the comfort, thinness, lightness, comfort, warmth, as well as the deodorant, anti-static and breathable properties of regular underwear. These capabilites, that until now have not been found in waist support belts, have been realized thanks to the undergarment material manufacturer. As this has a comfy fit, you can wear it everyday to prevent back pain, protect yourself from the cold, and to moderate fatigue.
    ●Material/Raw Material: nylon,​ polyurethane
    M-L: 64-94cm
    L-LL: 94-110cm
    ●Made in Isesaki,​ Gunma Prefecture
    ●Brand Name: Body Copper
    Wear over the top of underwear.
    Should you experience any signs of discomfort,​ discontinue use immediately.
    At first,​ use for around 2 hours at a time and then gradually increase length of time.
    A blue substance (patina) may become visible due to the copper ingredient,​ but this is removed by washing. Do not dry clean.
    The zipper may become attached to other clothing,​ so place in a net before washing.
    Color may bleed so wash separately from other items.
    ●Should there be no stock,​ manufacture will take place after order placement.
    Depending on the item,​ shipment may be delayed.
    Due to a limited number of items manufactured,​ it may take up to a maximum of 60 days to be made.
    ●Made in Japan
    Item No.  E00001

    Waist Support Belt
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