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Kurochiku Japanese Hanko Case,​ Hanakiku

JP¥ 600   (US$ 5.49)
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Open the bottom of the case and you'll see the included ink pad!
With an efficient design that doesn't take up room in your bag.
Attach it to your pocket, so you can easily use your hanko any time you wish. A stamp case that is handy for carrying around with you.
●Materials: [Main Item] ABS resin,​ [Ink Pad] urethane sponge
●Size (approx. mm): 14 x 77,​ [Storable Stamp Size] 12 x 60
●Made in Japan
●Kurochiku Japanese Hanko Case,​ Hanakiku only sold.
Item No.  KR01758

Kurochiku Japanese Hanko Case,​ Hanakiku
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