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Other Goods/Stationery/Pets >> Stationery >> Others >> Kurochiku Goshuincho, Pictographic Heart Sutra

Kurochiku Goshuincho,​ Pictographic Heart Sutra

JP¥ 1,200   (US$ 10.88)
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Goshuincho are currently so popular! A large, easy-to-use goshuincho in a pattern perfect for touring about shrines to pay respects.
●Materials: paper
●Size (approx. cm): Height 18 x Width 12 x Thickness 1.4
●Designed in Japan,​ Made in China
●Kurochiku Goshuincho,​ Pictographic Heart Sutra only sold.
Item No.  KR02083

Kurochiku Goshuincho,​ Pictographic Heart Sutra
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