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[RyuRyu] Print Irregular Hem Long Top / 2016 Fall Lineup,​ Ladies'

JP¥ 2,870   (US$ 25.45)
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    [CAPTURE by Hollywood Made]
    217/Nina is a fashion photographer based in LA with experience shooting for fashion magazines, art, documentaries, and a host of other fields and styles. Makkie a fashion director with experience all over the world with vintage and other fashions as a designer as well as a shop owner. These two childhood friends came together to create CAPTURE, an original T-shirt line featuring photos taken by Nina. Designed with carefully selected fabrics and a style that draws influence from American trends, this brand gives you LA style in real time!
    [Black x Text]
    The simple text print gives this top a refined look. The monotone styling adds a touch of elegance to its casual air for a celeb-style impression. A versatile item great for any wearer and any style.
    [Black x Animal]
    A cool animal motif highlighted with assorted lettering for a playful look like you'd find in downtown LA. The import-like coloring also has a bold appearance. A great match with denim to give your outfit maximum style.
    [White x Sunset]
    Wonderful LA styling featuring a colorful sunset photo print. The irregular hem and curved waist shape add a touch of elegance to the casual styling for a look that you'll love.
    [White x Photo]
    The print's combination of the text and a photograph of a woman give this top an incredible sense of style, while the wide neckline adds a feminine air. The irregular hem and draped appearance give it a refined air as well.
    [Gray x Eyelash Curler]
    The large eyelash curler print gives you both stylish impact and feminine appeal for a look that is incredibly easy to wear. The draped appearance and irregular hem shape also add a wonderful sense of balance!
    [Gray x Heart]
    The combination of the text and the hands forming the shape of a heart is both cute and stylish. A fun, unique design that is sure to get some attention! Wear it by itself in the fall and underneath an outer layer in the winter for a chic look.
    ●Material: 65% Polyester,​ 35% cotton
    ●Depending on the size of the item,​ print pattern nuance may differ slightly.
    Item No.  RD1679381
    This item on sale until : 2017/02/28  

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