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Raden Hand Mirror w/Cherry Blossom & Eurasian Jay

JP¥ 16,000   (US$ 150.29)
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Hand mirror crafted with the traditional technique called raden, which originated in Takaoka. Each season is represented by colors: spring is blue, summer is red, autumn is white and winter is black. The scene from each season is depicted in colored mother-of-pearl inlay.
Raden is a technique used in Takaoka lacquerware. A variety of shells are inlayed to create delicate patterns. The inner side of the shell, which possesses a glossy rainbow appearance similar to that of pearl, is polished into thin pieces. The process is meticulous work but the finish is a beautiful surface with a beautiful reflective quality. This piece comes with a cloth pouch for easy portability.
•Size (approx. mm): 75 x 80 x 7
•Weight (approx. g): 26
•Place of Origin: Toyama Prefecture,​ Takaoka City
When cleaning please use soft cloth. Do not wipe with anything that has a hard surface.. Do not leave out in direct sunlight for long periods. Do not leave it wet. Wipe dry immediately.
Item No.  RIN0096R1

Raden Hand Mirror w/Cherry Blossom & Eurasian Jay
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