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Giyamantō Medium-Size Plate,​ Lacquer

JP¥ 1,300   (US$ 12.11)
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Giyamantō can be described as porcelain (Mino ceramic ware) with glass-like transparency and a lacquerware-style texture. Delicate yet solid, these items will make your dinner table shine all the more brightly with their refined beauty. Enjoy using this quality glossy lacquerware for serving assorted dishes.Just because it looks like brown lacquer it doesn't mean that it actually is! Giyamantō items that are purposely made in a way, so that they shine just like lacquer. The manufacturing process used is the same as is used for regular porcelain.
•Materials: ceramic
•Size (approx. mm): Diameter 145 x Height 25
•Weight (approx. g): 178
•Made in Toki,​ Gifu Prefecture
•Please note:
Can be used in a microwave. However,​ do not use in an oven or over direct heat.
Although it can be washed using a dishwasher,​ we recommend hand-washing with a neutral detergent in order to prolong usage.
Item No.  RIN0188R2

Giyamantō Medium-Size Plate,​ Lacquer
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