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Boys' and Girls' Animal Print Bib,​ Cat

JP¥ 1,400   (US$ 12.46)
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A bib with a big cat print from Si* Shu* Non. In soft resin, which bends to make a pocket when the buttons are done up. Even if baby food containing a lot of liquid gets spilt, it gets caught in the pocket! If it gets grubby, just rinse it out! Can be adjusted thanks to two ranks of buttons. Enjoy mealtimes without worrying about mess. And you can roll it up tight and carry it around easily when heading out.
Outer Materials: EVA resin
Different Material: 100% cotton
•Front length: approx. 28.2cm
•Instructions for Use
Do up the button above the hole,​ and the lowest buttons. This will curve the bib forward and make it easier to catch spills.
•Please Note
1. As a consequence of the materials,​ there may be a slight smell of EVA.
2. Do not use hot water. Shape may change.
3. Do not wash in a washing machine. If it becomes dirty,​ do not leave it in that state and instead wipe with a soft cloth using lukewarm water and household detergent as soon as possible.
4. Do not rub print portion. Additionally,​ please note that leaving oily foods in contact with the print portion may result in it peeling.
•Made in Japan
•Brand: Si* Shu* Non
Item No.  SS00030

Boys' and Girls' Animal Print Bib,​ Cat
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