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Bamboo bench

JP¥ 39,000 - JP¥ 78,000   (US$ 344.49 - US$ 688.99)
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A very beautiful bench which made of white bamboo in Kyoto. 2 seater can be folded for storage.
•Size :
[2 Seater] (approx.) Height: 37cm,​ Vertical : 34cm,​ Horizontal: 90cm,​
[3 Seater] (approx.) Height: 45cm,​ Vertical : 37cm,​ Horizontal: 137cm
•Material : White bamboo
•Weight: [2 Seater] : (approx.)4.8kg,​ [3 Seater] : (approx.)6.8kg
•2 seater is foldable
●As this item will be shipped separately from other items,​ Shipping and Handling charges will be included in the price. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.
Item No.  W00175R1

Bamboo bench
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