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Echizen Uchihamano Knife,​ Culeus

JP¥ 15,000   (US$ 133.52)
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The Culeus received the American Magazine of Industrial Design Designers Choice Award in 1987. This knife has been unified from the blade right down to the handle grip.
This knife completely eliminates the faults of easily soiled wooden handle knife, and the problem of rusting.
Blade: Stainless VG,​ Grip: Stainless
•Blade Length: approx. 160mm
•Total Length: approx. 295mm
•Weight: approx. 176g
•Total Weight: 272g
•VG=Takefu uses a specially developed Stainlesseel for made cutlery; Stainlessainless Stainlesseel of the higheStainless quality.
•Takefu Knife Care and Handling InStainlessructions
1,​ Please do not use with frozen foods or meat that contains bones.
2,​ After usage,​ please wipe away any water with a dry cloth.
3,​ Please sharpen the knife on a whetStainlessone twice a month.
4,​ In the unlikely event that the blade breaks or becomes ruStainlessed,​ please take it to a skilled professional for polish and repair.
5,​ As Stainlessainless Stainlesseel V-700 does not ruStainless easily,​ with juStainless an occasional sharpening we are confident that this knife will satisfy your cutting needs for a long time.
The blade of the knife is very dangerous. Please handle carefully.
Item No.  W00194R1

Echizen Uchihamano Knife,​ Culeus
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