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Palace Insect Cage w/Paulownia Box

JP¥ 102,900   (US$ 930.88)
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This insect cage is said to have been used by the Imperial Court of Kyoto during the Edo Period.
This palace insect cage was discovered as a Edo Period artifact just 30 years ago.
Though it featured a brilliant cinnabar lacquer and emblem, unfortunately these were not preserved through the passage of time.
However, the Suruga artisans have been able to restore it to its original glory.
The splints have been treated with a process so delicate, it wouldn't even hurt the antennae on a cricket.
Regular insect cages use splints with a 1.3mm diameter, but this palace insect cage uses extra-fine splints of 0.8mm for increased beauty.
The roof features a curve for an elegant Japanese taste.
The container is made from the unique skills of Suruga crafts, and finished in lacquer.
Of course, you can use it to keep crickets, but you can also enjoy it as an admirable item in your alcove.
•Creator: Traditional Industrial Artisan Kashio Morimoto
•Materials: insect cage,​ man-made smoky bamboo. Container,​ wood have a lacquer finish. Chamber is pure silk.
•Size: width 203mm x depth 127mm x height 179mm
•Instruction Booklet: [Suruga Bamboo Ware] bookmark,​ leaflet
•Paulownia wood box included
•Within J-crafts,​ there are a number of items (particulary the traditional industrial arts items) that have been made one by one by hand within Japan. Please understand that the color,​ shape,​ pattern,​ and overall finish may vary from the picture shown.
Item No.  W00288

Palace Insect Cage w/Paulownia Box
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