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Wind Chime Insect Cage

JP¥ 5,500   (US$ 49.88)
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Suruga Bamboo Ware has grown up together with the insect cage.
Although insect cages are not currently used, we've taken their mood and made it into a wind chime.
Uses pleasant smoky bamboo in tasteful colors.
•Materials: man-made smoky bamboo (clear lacquer finish,​ uses southern wind chime)
•Size: 1cm x 10cm x 8cm
•Instruction Booklet: [Suruga Bamboo Ware] bookmark,​ leaflet (Upon request,​ an English version of the bookmark and leaflet is available.)
•Creator: Miyabi Andon
•Box is included
•Smoky bamboo is bamboo that is used on the inside of the roof of an old house,​ which eventually becomes reddish black. It has a much more relaxed feeling compared to white bamboo.
•Instructions for Use:
As this wind chime is meant for visual enjoyment as well,​ please place it somewhere where it can be seen.
Please clean dust with a soft brush,​ and gently wipe away dirt with a towel that has been wrung out sufficiently.
Please do not wash with cold or moderately hot water. (The adhesive may be subject to removal,​ and it may mold easily.)
Please dry in a well-ventilated area.
•Within J-crafts,​ there are a number of items (particulary the traditional industrial arts items) that have been made one by one by hand within Japan. Please understand that the color,​ shape,​ pattern,​ and overall finish may vary from the picture shown.
Item No.  W00292R1

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