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Color Daruma

JP¥ 2,000 - JP¥ 4,200   (US$ 18.79 - US$ 39.45)
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    Ten different colors of this small and cute Color Daruma. Each color has its own different meaning. The lucky color of the Daruma is sure to bring everyone happiness and fortune…. Recommended as a small gift.
    •10 Colors of Daruma
    [Red] (Fortune Daruma) Safety At Home
    [White] (Scholar Daruma) Success In Studies
    [Blue] (Aspiration Daruma) Personal Success and Achievement
    [Yellow] (Gold Daruma) Good Fortune Long Life
    [Gold] (Gold Orb Daruma) Increased Fortune
    [Green] (Green Leaf Daruma) Increased Vitality
    [Black] (Black Daruma) Successful Year
    [Orange] (Orange Daruma) Prayer For School Success
    [Pink] (Peach Daruma) Love - Marriage Proposal
    •Size approx. [Height-Width-Depth]
    Size No. 0.2: 4.8cm-3.5cm-3.5cm
    A Set : [Gold,​ Black,​ White,​ Green,​ Red]
    B Set : [Blue,​ Pink,​ Orange,​ Yellowish Green,​ Yellow]
    C Set : [10-color Set]
    •This is a hand-made item. Please note and understand that the face of Daruma and words may vary from the image photo.
    •This item may take more than 2 weeks before shipping can occur. We appreciate your understanding.
    Item No.  W01019

    Color Daruma
    Savings Bank Daruma Basic
    JP¥ 3,540 US$ 33.25
    FUKU Lucky Daruma Basic [Large]
    JP¥ 4,680 US$ 43.96
    Customizeable Daruma Basic [Large]
    JP¥ 5,120 US$ 48.09
    GOUGAKU Success Daruma Basic
    JP¥ 2,880 US$ 27.05
    KANEIRI Hope For Money Daruma Various Colors [Small-Large]
    JP¥ 2,580 US$ 24.23