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Red & White Daruma

JP¥ 3,960 - JP¥ 4,200   (US$ 37.20 - US$ 39.45)
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    With the showy beauty of red and white, this is a Red and White Daruma that has been treasured since long ago. Very popular as a celebratory gift, a room accent, and as a mascot.
    •Size approx. (Height-Width-Depth)
    [Size No. 1.5] : 14cm-12.5cm-11cm
    [Size No. 2] : 17cm-16cm-13cm
    •Red ,​ White : 1 for each
    Customization option is available. Please refer to the options of [W01042-W01044].
    [Belly Customization]
    Free printing up to 10 words
    According to the size of Daruma,​ the space for printing may vary. Please refer to the table of size and printing.
    [Back Customization]
    Up to 10 words,​ additional charge JPY1,​500 is required.
    Up to 20 words,​ additional charge JPY2,​500 is required.
    •English and horizontal writing are possible by advance confirmation.
    For example,​ above the Size No. 15,​ 3 lines (every line in max. 10 words) are available.

    Please feel free to contact us for details.

    •This item may take more than 2 weeks before shipping can occur. We appreciate your understanding.
    Item No.  W01032

    Red & White Daruma
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