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Transcribing Set

JP¥ 7,500   (US$ 67.85)
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A transcribing set that's suited for beginners. Place the paper above the original and try copying. This set features the ink, brush, copy pad, and water jug - all you need.
[Box of paulownia wood] Paulownia
[Inkstone] Natural stone
[Ink] Lamp black ink
[Transcribing brush] Weasel hair,​ wool,​ natural bamboo
[Brush stand] Bamboo
[Water jug] Porcelain
[Paper for transcribing] Japanese paper
[A laying sheet] Felt,​ desk-size
[Paperweight] Iron (Chrome plating)
•Size (approx.)
[Box of paulownia wood] Vertical 218mm,​ Horizontal 105mm,​ Depth 32mm
[Inkstone] Vertical 77mm,​ Horizontal 46mm,​ Height 12mm
[Ink] Vertical 42mm,​ Horizontal 14mm,​ Thickness 7mm
[Transcribing brush] Diameter of the point of the brush 6.3mm,​ Brush head 21mm,​ Total length180mm,​ w/white drawstring
[Water jug] Diameter 33mm,​ Height 18mm,​ 2 holes,​ Blue glaze
[Paper for transcribing] Ganpi paper,​ w/copybook,​ 10 sheets incl.
[A laying sheet] Vertical 450mm,​ Width 330mm,​ Thickness 1mm,​ White
[Paperweight] 11mm square,​ Length 110mm,​ 2 pcs incl.
•Made in Japan
•Caution of Usage Point
After use,​ please remove all the ink gently. Put the tip of the writing brush in its correct shape and store away from direct sunlight.
•This item may take more than 2 weeks before shipping can occur. We appreciate your understanding.
Item No.  W01207

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