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Botaori Women's Jacket B

JP¥ 29,350   (US$ 265.51)
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Our recommendation to those who always seem to get tense whenever they put on a jacket! Despite being very light it's warm, and the loose construction makes it so convenient to have for when you just want to throw something on. A jacket that can be happily worn by a broad range of ages.
•Materials: 100% cotton
•Size: One-Size-Fits-All
[A] Red,​ [B] Black,​ [C] Pink,​ [D] Aqua,​ [E] Dark Brown,​ [F] Gray
[G] Beige,​ [H] Natural,​ [I] Deep Green,​ [J] Yellow,​ [K] Purple,​ [L] Blue
•Even if there is existing stock,​ it may still take some time before the item can be shipped. (About 1 month) We would appreciate your understanding in this matter.
Item No.  W01539R1

Botaori Women's Jacket B
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