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Botaori Men's Samue Japanese Work Clothes

JP¥ 27,000 - JP¥ 28,000   (US$ 251.58 - US$ 260.90)
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    These are the "Samue" work clothes, tough in addition to being comfortable so you can use them for a long time. Because you can wash them, they can be worn happily as work clothes or at home. An item which also has an established reputation among potters and craftspeople. Because there are a variety of color variations to choose from, you can choose one just for you.
    •Materials: 100% cotton
    •Size: M,​ L
    [A] Red,​ [B] Black,​ [C] Pink,​ [D] Aqua,​ [E] Dark Brown,​ [F] Gray
    [G] Beige,​ [H] Natural,​ [I] Deep Green,​ [J] Yellow,​ [K] Purple,​ [L] Blue
    •Even if there is existing stock,​ it may still take some time before the item can be shipped. (About 1 month) We would appreciate your understanding in this matter.
    Item No.  W01545R2

    Botaori Men's Samue Japanese Work Clothes
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