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Crafts >> Modern Japanese: Kitchen Goods >> Chopsticks/Chopstick Rests >> Kanako Chopsticks [Cherry Blossoms]
Other Goods/Stationery/Pets >> Modern Japanese: Kitchen Goods >> Chopsticks/Chopstick Rests >> Kanako Chopsticks [Cherry Blossoms]

Kanako Chopsticks [Cherry Blossoms]

JP¥ 3,500   (US$ 30.79)
  • [18cm]
  • [20cm]
  • [21cm]
  • [23cm]
  • [24cm]
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    This is a "Rin crossing certified product".

    Chopsticks with a lacquer coating on natural wood. Lacquer is wiped onto the wood base, then colored lacquer is layered on this before a lacquer picture is painted on with a brush. Because they have a square cross-section, they are easy to hold and won't roll on the table. Choose from 10 colors and 5 sizes. There are a variety of patterns too, so choose the exact chopsticks you like.
    •Materials: cherry birch,​ others
    [A] : Red,​ [B] : Black,​ [C] : Red-Black,​ [D] : White,​ [E] : Pink
    [F] : Blue,​ [G] : Yellow,​ [H] : Purple,​ [I] : Green,​ [J] : Smoke brown
    •Size (approx. mm):
    [18cm]: length 180
    [20cm]: length 200
    [21cm]: length 210
    [23cm]: length 230
    [24cm]: length 240
    •Made in Japan
    •As this product uses natural materials,​ the shape,​ color and size may differ.
    •Please note that if this product is out of stock,​ it may take approx. 1 month before dispatch.
    As these items are hand-made one by one,​ the shape,​ texture and color nuance may vary slightly from the photo.
    Item No.  W01733

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