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JP¥ 4,150   (US$ 36.94)
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An incense that brings to mind the world of the aristocracy depicted in the Tale of Genji. A refreshing incense that produces little smoke. Made of natural Eastern fragrances matched with French-made perfumes. Do try this incense, and feel yourself transported to times past. It comes in a paulownia wood box, and will also be very much appreciated as a condolence gift during a time of mourning.
A: [Paulownia Box] 8 bunches,​ short length
B: [Painted Paulownia Box] 8 bunches,​ short length
•Length: Short: approx. 14cm
•Number of Sticks: approx. 65 (per 1 bunch)
•Weight: approx. 30g (per 1 bunch; incl. wrapper)
•Smoke: incense smoke
•Burning Time: approx. 25 minutes
•Package Size (approx. mm):
A: 332 x 165 x 52
B: 338 x 173 x 50
•Total Weight (approx. g):
A: 545
B: 665
Please Note
As this item uses only natural wood and natural oils,​ the oil (extracted from plants) in the wood may occasionally cause the surface of the incense to appear stained or crystallized,​ but this will not affect its performance.

•Place in an incense burner (one made of a non-flammable material such as metal or ceramic is recommended) before using.
•Keep out of the reach of children.
•Not a food. Placing in the mouth,​ ears,​ nose etc. is dangerous.
•Do not use near flammable items such as paper or curtains.
•Do not use in windy places,​ as there is the risk of the incense being blown over.
•Do not use on unstable surfaces. If an earthquake etc. occurs,​ there is the risk of the incense falling over.
•Do not use for purposes other than providing fragrance or as offerings.
•The incense may still be burning even after smoke has ceased to emanate from it. Check that it has completely ceased to burn before disposing of.
•After using,​ the incense burner may be hot. Be careful to avoid burns.
•Do not leave unattended.
Item No.  W02436R1

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