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Banshuu Abacus,​ Chinese Mulberry Beads [15 Rod]

JP¥ 12,850   (US$ 116.25)
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In a size perfect for doing calculations at your desk. The slightly reduced size (that still keeps the standard bead size and frame thickness) means it won't use up too much space when in use or when in your desk; very handy indeed.
•Size (approx. mm): 65 x 223 x 18
•Materials: Beads: Chinese mulberry,​ Frame: African ebony
•Contents: abacus (4 beads x 15 rods)
•Comes in a box
•If you wish to have a name added to this item,​ please contact Customer Service after ordering (this service is provided free if font,​ font size and layout are not specified; if you wish to choose one or all of these elements,​ a fee will be charged)
Item No.  W02464R1

Banshuu Abacus,​ Chinese Mulberry Beads [15 Rod]
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