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Plum Pincushion,​ Sky Color,​ w/Cellulose Marking Pins

JP¥ 1,480   (US$ 13.46)
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In colors that tell of the natural landscape of Japan, and that have long resided in the hearts of the Japanese people: the pink of the cherry blossom; canary yellow; the green of the grass; the blue of the sky; wisteria purple. Dyed crepe, shaped one by one into the form of a plum blossom. The filling within the plump petals is treated to prevent rusting. This is an item that will relax you as you sew, and it comes with a set of marking pins.
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•Size (approx. mm):
Pincushion: Diameter 60 x Height 2.5
Marking Pins: Thickness 0.64 x Length 48.5
•Materials (Pincushion):
Fabric: tightened cotton
Padding: polyester w/anti-rust processing
•Marking Pins: 20,​ in 5 pastel colors
•Made in Japan
Item No.  W02606R1

Plum Pincushion,​ Sky Color,​ w/Cellulose Marking Pins
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