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Black Peonies w/Red Stitching

JP¥ 7,500   (US$ 68.02)
  • 110 (Junior)
  • 130 (Junior)
  • 150 (Junior)
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    Pure black! With a lot of subtle shading, and the only colored dye used being the yellow in the middle of the flower. Almost the entire of each of these peony flowers is painted black, and they bloom in various sizes all over the garment. The restricted palette creates an effect of purity and refinement, only highlighted by red stitching here and there. Painted in the nure-egaki yuzen style, in which the design is worked while the material is damp. Its trademark features are its gradients and soft colors. Each garment is hand-painted, so the coloring always varies subtly. This is a unique item that will be yours alone, with not a single duplicate anywhere in the world.
    ●Materials: 100% cotton
    [A] White,​ [B] Natural,​ [C] Silver Gray
    ●Size Ranges: Junior: 110-150; Ladies': 150-S; Men's: S-XXL
    ●Due to the use of stitching etc.,​ the material is thicker than that of a regular garment.
    ●As these items are hand-painted one by one,​ the design and colors may differ slightly from those in the photos.
    ●As these items are hand-made one by one,​ it takes between 2 weeks and 1 month before they can be shipped.
    ●Washed once during the manufacturing process,​ so assume shrinkage of around 1.5cm.
    ●This item is processed to prevent fading,​ but it is vulnerable to friction so wash inside-out.
    ●Do not wash with detergents containing fluorescent bleach.
    ●Do not wash dark items together with pale or white items.
    ●Do not tumble-dry. Garment may shrink.
    ●Do not directly iron hand-painted part.
    Item No.  W02847R2

    Black Peonies w/Red Stitching
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