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Shimane Prefecture,​ Candle Holder,​ Rikyu Type

JP¥ 21,000   (US$ 184.81)
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A faithful restoration of an item that has been used in Japanese culture since ancient times in tea ceremony gatherings (such as evening tea parties). The streamlined simple design makes this a practical item that is even used at temples.
●Material/Raw Material: wrought iron
●Made in Shimane Prefecture,​ Japan
●Brand Name: Hiromitsu Blacksmith Workshop
●Size: H: 150mm x W: 130mm x L: 320mm
●Weight: 400g
●Japanese candles,​ 2 each of red & white (4 in total)
●Care Instructions
Should rust appear,​ wipe using a cloth moistened with oil (olive oil etc).
When using candles,​ keep on a level place where there's no wind. Also,​ do not leave unattended when lit.
Item No.  W03779

Shimane Prefecture,​ Candle Holder,​ Rikyu Type
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