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Hiroshima Prefecture,​ Kumano-Fude [Mizuho Brush] Brush Wrap

JP¥ 1,400   (US$ 12.22)
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Lightweight, absorbent towel material item that is easy to carry and gently wraps around your beloved brushes. Also, you can easily wipe off any makeup powder (Made using towel fabric from Imabari, Aichi Prefecture. Can also be washed.)
●Material: Towel Fabric: 100% cotton,​ Cord: 100% polyester
●Measurements: When Open 185mm x 200mm,​ When Closed: 185mm x 60mm
●Made in Japan
Care Instructions:
●Do not leave damp as this may cause color unevenness as well as color bleeding that stains clothing and other items.
●Do not leave soaked for a long period of time.
●Do not use detergents that contain chlorine bleach or fluorescent agents.
●After washing,​ do not leave in a wet state.
●Hang in the shade,​ avoiding direct sunlight.
※Brush not included.
Item No.  W03800R1

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