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Nara Prefecture,​ Takayama Chasen Whisk,​ Ochagokoro,​ Mini Tea Utensil Set A-1

JP¥ 20,000   (US$ 178.46)
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Eight tea utensils included such as a stylish handwoven pure-linen drawstring pouch and a wooden fukiurushi-lacquer kensui bowl with a thin drinking mouth that allows it to be also used as a tea bowl. All you need is some boiled water to enjoy powdered tea. The long length of the tea whisk means you can handle it more easily. Why don't you travel with a set of tea utensils in a stylish drawstring pouch? This makes a great gift as it is sure to please everyone.
The tea whisk, case of the whisk, and small tea scoop are crafted by Kubo Sabun, a certified traditional artisan, and made in Takayama.
The tea bowl, kensui bowl, small tea cloth, drawstring pouch and small tea caddy are made in Japan.
●Materials: Ingredients: Small Tea Bowl: Ceramic (Nezumishino),​ Tea Whisk: Bamboo,​ Case of Tea Whisk: Bamboo,​ Small Tea Scoop: Bamboo,​ Kensui bowl: Wood (fukiurushi lacquer),​ Small Tea Cloth: Pure Linen (Narazarashi),​ Drawstring Pouch: Pure linen (Handwoven),​ Small Tea Caddy: Resin (Inner Lid Attatched)
●Color: Small Teabowl: Gray,​ Tea Whisk: Light Pale Yellow,​ Case of Tea Whisk: Light Pale Yellow,​ Small Tea Scoop: Light Pale Yellow,​ Kensui bowl: Brown,​ Small Tea Cloth: White,​ Drawstring Pouch: Pale Pink (w/Cherry Blossoms Pattern) and Brown,​ Small Tea Caddy: Black
●Production Area: Nara Prefecture,​ Takayama
●Brand Name: Chikumeido (Sabun)

●Size Details (approx.): Small Teabowl: Diameter 100mm x Height 65mm,​ Tea Whisk: Handle Length 105mm,​ Case of Tea Whisk: Diameter 42mm x Height 106mm,​ Small Tea Scoop: Length 125mm,​ Kensui bowl: Diameter 110mm x Height 55mm,​ Small Tea Cloth: 180mm x 120mm,​ Drawstring Pouch: 175mm x 135mm x Height 145mm,​ Small Tea Caddy: Diameter 55mm x Height 53mm
●Weight of Items (approx.): Small Teabowl: 226g,​ Tea Whisk: 8g,​ Case of Tea Whisk: 39g,​ Small Tea Scoop: 1g,​ Kensui bowl: 107g,​ Small Tea Cloth: 3g,​ Drawstring Pouch: 111g,​ Small Tea Caddy: 44g
●Weight (Packing Materials incl.): 702g
[Please note]
●The chasen tea whisk is an important item that is the most frequently used item among tea utensils. As it can be easily damaged or deformed,​ please handle it with great care.
Bamboo may become decayed,​ cracked or mold may form on it. In order to keep it in good condition,​ please wash the whisk with water,​ dry it,​ and store it in a cool and airy place.
●As each item is handcrafted,​ the size,​ pattern,​ color,​ or shape may differ slightly from item to item.
Item No.  W04066

Nara Prefecture,​ Takayama Chasen Whisk,​ Ochagokoro,​ Mini Tea Utensil Set A-1
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