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Tottori Prefecture,​ Moisturizing Makeup Remover

JP¥ 3,000   (US$ 27.14)
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Oil cleansing that can also be used with a wet face and hands. Properly removes stubborn makeup and impurities from pores. It contains beauty ingredients from Tottori Prefecture that get rid of dry skin problems and irritation often caused by using oil cleansers. It also protects the moisture in your skin whilst cleanly removing makeup and foundation. Provides moisture and removes makeup with none of that dry sensation that can be a concern when cleansing.
●Ingredients: N-acetylglucosamine: chionoecetes opilio (from Sakaiminato),​ fish collagen: sparidae scales (from Sakaiminato),​ natural water: hakusan meisui (from Kurayoshi)
●Made in Tottori Prefecture
●Brand Name: Ritotto-no-Takaramono,​ Hoho-Ururu
●Contents: 150ml
●Size Details (approx. mm): 188 x 50 x 50
●Item Weight (approx.): 160g
●Weight (incl. packing materials): 160g
●Take a suitable amount in your hand and blend in on your hand. Then,​ spread over entire face and blend in well with makeup. At this time,​ be careful not to rub your skin.
After rinse off with plenty of cold or warm water.
*After cleansing it is recommended to wash your face again moisturizing soap.
*Can be used with wet hands and a wet face.
●Should your skin not agree with this,​ discontinue use.
Item No.  W04074

Tottori Prefecture,​ Moisturizing Makeup Remover
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