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Wakayama Prefecture Kishu Goten Temari,​ Small,​ w/Case & Outer Box

JP¥ 1,000   (US$ 9.07)
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[With Premier Wakayama Certification]
An item certified by Wakayama Prefecture brought to you under the "Excellent Wakayama Product (Premier Wakayama) Recommendation System" which promotes wonderful safe and secure prefectural products in a range of areas that are characteristic and unique to Wakayama.

Kishu temari have been made for more than 400 years, since during the Edo period when Wakayama was known as Kishu. In the beginning, it is said that the lady-in-waiting made these for the princess of a castle. After that, the retired lady-in-waiting made this for her own daughter as a play thing. This craft has been passed uninterrupted to today in modern Wakayama City. These were made for daughters and also the making technique was passed down to grandchildren. Now, this remains as a traditional craft of Wakayama.

These days, this beautifully round item is a decoration that is used as a gift for those close to you, for when a girl is born, on the Hina stairs of children and for when a young lady marries. These temari not only make use of tradition but also take into account modern tastes and are carefully crafted one by one. This folk art is both simple yet artistic, and is created by individual needle strokes that come from the heart.
●Material: polysterene ball,​ spool yarn (cotton)
●Made in Wakayama,​ Wakayama Prefecture
●Brand Name: Kishu Goten Temari
●Color: Pink or Red
●Length: approx. 6.5cm
●Item Weight (approx.): 23g
●Weight (incl. Packing Materials): 61g
[Please Note]
●Do not get wet. Do not hit people of things with this.
●Do not use for any purposes other than its intended one.
●As each item is hand-made individually,​ the color etc may differ from the photos.
●Should there be no stock,​ item manufacture will take place after order placement. Depending on the item,​ delivery may be delayed. Please contact customer service regarding the shipment date.
Item No.  W04106

Wakayama Prefecture Kishu Goten Temari,​ Small,​ w/Case & Outer Box
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