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Kuretake,​ Fountain Brush Pen,​ Makie Monogatari,​ Fan,​ Red

JP¥ 5,000   (US$ 45.23)
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A fountain brush pen whose handle is printed with proud Japanese traditional makie pattern thanks to modern techniques and craftsmen's handwork. The brush is made from polyester, which has the same characteristics as weasel hair. It feels the same as authentic-hair brushes.
Refillable with a water-based dye ink. The ink is hardly washed out with water and boasts a vivid black color. A perfect gift item packaged in a paulownia-wood box.
●Set Contents: [Main Item] 1,​ [Spare Ink] 3
●Materials: [Main Item] aluminum,​ [Hair] Polyester bristles (from Hiroshima),​ aqueous dye ink
●Outer Bag Size (mm): W179 x H21 x D76
●Item Size (mm): Main Item Shaft Diameter 11 x Length 137
●Weight (item only): 12g
●Weight (incl. packaging): 100g
●Made in Nara Prefecture
●Brand Name: Kuretake

[Handling Precautions]
*When using for the first time,​ securely insert spare ink in the direction of the arrow. (When you have inserted it,​ tilt the pen and you will hear the sound of the rolling ball inside the spare ink.)
*When you start to write,​ test write on paper until black ink appears.
*After using for a long time,​ writing will become less smooth,​ so replace the head of the pen. Use the head that is specifically for this item.
*Its user's manual,​ etc are designed for the Japanese market.
*Its user's manual is written in Japanese.
*Should there by no stock,​ the item will be manufactured after order placement.
*Delivery may be delayed depending on the item.
*Please contact customer service regarding the shipment date.
Item No.  W04692

Kuretake,​ Fountain Brush Pen,​ Makie Monogatari,​ Fan,​ Red
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