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[Gansai Colors Set] Kuretake Gansai Tambi,​ 18-Color Set

JP¥ 1,800   (US$ 16.05)
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Tambi (aestheticism) means the pursuit of beauty. If you want to send a letter illustrated with the changing of seasons, delicacies of the season and the beauties of nature...
"Gansai Tambi" products enable you to send a timely illustrated letter with "seasonal sentiments". As they are developed based on the opinions of enthusiasts, they boast brilliant colors and high solubility.
The corners of the gansai containers are rounded so that you can fully use the colors.

A set of 18 gansai tambi colors (white, black, vermillion, red, light pink, crimson, purple, yellow, ocher, reddish brown, bright green, blue green, sap green, malachite green, pastel blue, pale blue-green, lapis and indigo).
These gansai paints are safe and secure products that meet international safety standards.
●Materials: Color: color pigment & gum arabic,​ Color Container: PS
[Size (approx.)]
Outer Bag Size: 153 x 17 x 220mm
Item Size: 153 x 17 x 220mm
●Weight (item only): approx. 265g
●Weight (incl. packaging): approx. 265g
●Made in Nara Prefecture
●Brand Name: Kuretake
[Handling Instructions]
*After use,​ put on the cap and store out of direct sunlight.
*When mounting,​ use only a little water. Using a lot of water will cause it dissipate.
*The instructions etc are for the Japanese market.
*Please kindly understand that the instruction manual is in Japanese.
Item No.  W04938

[Gansai Colors Set] Kuretake Gansai Tambi,​ 18-Color Set
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