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Espresso Cup,​ Yellow

JP¥ 6,000   (US$ 54.42)
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This espresso cup is made on a potters wheel from solid zelkova wood and by painting on accenting color lacquer one-by-one by hand.
This colored lacquer was created after more than 10 years of research & development by a traditional craftsman. The lovely colors and form make this a popular item, even overseas!
This item was selected as a gift item at a famous Japanese department store.
As this is made with natural wood and lacquer, it is also an environmentally-friendly item which is kind to the earth and people. The lacquer is a natural coating material that doesn't contain any organic solvents for peace of mind.
As wood does not conduct heat easily it won't feel hot in your hands when holding.

- About the traditional craftsman -
Seisaku Nakajima - a traditional lacquerware craftsman who's skills are used to create traditional craft "Hikone Altar" items.
*He continued color lacquer development for more than 10 years to collect detailed data, leading to the creation of a vast palette of more than 500 colors. This color lacquer has been marveled at, even by lacquer refiners, and cannot be imitated.
*The black and red lacquer also creates a luxurious Japanese appearance. His colored lacquer has been developed to be used in a more familiar daily setting.
●Materials: zelkova
●Size (approx.): Diameter 57mm,​ Height 57mm
●Weight (item only): approx. 30g
●Weight (including packaging): approx. 70g
●Made in Hikone,​ Shiga Prefecture
●Brand Name: chanto
[Handling Care]
*As this item is made of natural wood,​ do not use in the dishwasher,​ dish-dryer,​ microwave or oven.
*As this is made using natural lacquer,​ the lacquer may smell to begin with. However,​ this will diminish over time. This smell is derived from the natural lacquer and is not a defect.
*Use a soft sponge etc when you clean. Not doing so will cause the lacquer portion to become scratched or peel off.
*Should there be no stock,​ item will be manufactured after order placement.
*Depending on the item,​ delivery may be delayed. Please contact customer service regarding the delivery date.
Item No.  W04973

Espresso Cup,​ Yellow
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