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Book Cover (A6 Size) (Roses)

JP¥ 1,400   (US$ 12.32)
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This book cover comes in the same laminate material as seen in many bag designs. This cover has a cute and smart finish that looks almost like a personal diary cover.
●Materials: 100% cotton (PVC coating)
●Size (approx. cm): A6 size
●Weight (item only)(g): 55
●Weight (packaging materials incl.)(g): 65
●Made in: Kyoto Prefecture
●Brand Name: seisuke88

[Regarding product appearance]
We have tried as best as possible to depict this product accurately in pictures,​ but due to shooting conditions,​ monitor properties,​ etc. the color and material look of the actual item may differ in appearance. Furthermore,​ due to the cutting process,​ the finish of the pattern may differ from that shown in images. We thank you for your understanding.

[Regarding PVC coating]
Note that the laminated PVC coating is not for the purposes of adding waterproof or water repellant properties.
This item has minor water repellant properties but water will get in at stitch lines and after prolonged use the integrity of the coating may be compromised so please take care.
Furthermore,​ this item transfers color to other items easily,​ so when storing for prolonged periods of time,​ please dry off and wrap in breathable cloth so as not to be in contact with other items. Store in a place with good airflow.

[Caring for the PVC coating]
For day to day cleaning,​ wipe away dust or dirt with a dry cloth. For stubborn soiling,​ use a thoroughly damp cloth that has been thoroughly wrung out,​ or apply diluted detergent with a cloth to remove grime,​ then wipe away all moisture with a dry cloth. Do not use alcohol or benzine,​ etc. as these can dissolve the surface.
Item No.  W05073

Book Cover (A6 Size) (Roses)
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