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Ise Cotton Okage Hand Towel,​ Large Harvest Fan/ Tea Brown

JP¥ 1,500   (US$ 13.34)
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The "Okage" (which stands for "thanks to" in Japanese) hand towel series makes you remember that you're here thanks to the wisdom of nautre, environment and culture.
A Japanese original "(authentic) chusen dyeing" technique is adopted to dye traditional "Ise cotton" using "Ise stencil", a national traditional craftwork. Each piece of the quality hand towel is thus hand-dyed meticulously.
It feels better and better as you wash, and its texture becomes finer and finer as you use.

Large Harvest Fan
A diety of harvest "Daikoku", and a diety of good catch "Ebisu" are depicted. They both are members of the Seven Lucky Deities, and very popular as dieties of good business.

In Sarutahiko Shrine located in front of Ise Jingu, the Omita festival is held on March 5th every year, and people pray for a good harvest by planting young rice plants on the shrine's sacred paddy field.
Male and female planters are dressed up in noble traditional costumes, and plants rice in harmony with ritual music. Then, two people holding massive fans on which Daikoku and Ebisu are depicted respectively, compete each other at the center of the paddy field. If the one holding Ebisu fan wins, good fish catch is promised while good harvest is promised if the one holding Daikoku fan wins. After that, lively ritual harvest dance is performed in front of the haiden shrine.
●Materials: 100% cotton
●Size (cm): Length 89.5 x Width 35
●Weight (item only): 33g
●Weight (packaging material incl.): 40g
●Made in Mie Prefecture
●Brand Name: Tokowakaya
[Handling Instructions]
*Edges are unfinished,​ so when you first start to use this there will be fraying. This will naturally fall off.
*Do not tumble dry
[Other] Should there be no stock,​ item manufacture will take place after order placement. Depending on the item,​ delivery may be delayed. Please contact customer service regarding the delivery date.
Item No.  W05582

Ise Cotton Okage Hand Towel,​ Large Harvest Fan/ Tea Brown
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