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Zipper Wallet Genius Loci

JP¥ 1,500   (US$ 13.35)
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-A child god that brings luck-
Zashiki-warashi exist spiritually and is said to be a guardian angel who resides in tatami rooms and kura warehouses.
In folklore, luck comes to those who see Zashiki-warashi. Also, it said to bring wealth and prosperity to a house.
This item uses hemp, a material used in rituals since ancient times. Use to hold accessories, bank books etc. H72
●Materials: unspecified fiber (Hemp),​ cotton,​ nylon,​ polyurethane,​ [Embroidery] rayon,​ [Zipper portion] Metal:brass alloy,​ [Fabric] polyester
●Main Item Size (mm): [Height] 100 x [Width] 100 x [Thickness] 5
●Including cellophane (there is paper stuffing inside the item) (mm): [Height] 100 x [Width] 100 x [Thickness] 20
●Weight (item only): 20g
●Weight (packaging material incl.): 25g
●Made in Kashiba,​ Nara Prefecture
●Brand Name: Sugiyama Knit Kogyo
[Handling Instructions] In folklore,​ luck comes to those who see Zashiki-warashi. Also,​ it said to bring wealth and prosperity to a house. However,​ please kindly understand that we cannot guarantee this.
[Other] Should there be no stock,​ item manufacture will take place after order placement. Depending on the item,​ delivery may be delayed. Please contact customer service regarding the delivery date.
Item No.  W05626

Zipper Wallet Genius Loci
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