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Copper Large Sake Cup (w/Name Engraving,​ Paulownia Box Included)

JP¥ 18,000   (US$ 162.84)
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This item is made one-at-a-time by skilled craftsmen who perform their work with spirit and dedication.
You'll love the solid, weighty feel and gentle touch of this large sake cup, which is made from a single piece of copper with a seamless design.
Boasting smooth, elegant curves shaped by the hands of a skilled craftsman all the way to the rounded mouth, which further improves the mouthfeel and adds an entirely new sense of enjoyment to your drink.
Includes a lovely paulownia box, making it a perfect choice as a gift.
The name engraving is perfect for adding an air of luxury to a gift to that special someone or even for yourself.
●Materials: Copper
●Size (approx.): Mouth: Diameter 56mm,​ Base portion: Diameter 43mm,​ Height: 61mm,​ Volume: 65ml
●Box Size (approx.): Length: 123mm,​ Width: 160mm,​ Height: 85mm
●Weight (item only): approx. 115g
●Weight (incl. packaging): approx. 255g
●Made in Kyoto Prefecture
●Brand Name: Tsukimiya
[Handling Precautions]
*Filling this item with hot drinks is very dangerous. Please use this item only for room-temperature or cold drinks.
*This item's surface has a clear coating. With use over time,​ this coating may peel and rust spots may start to form.
*After use,​ please wash with dish detergent (pH-balanced) and a soft sponge. As the item conducts heat easily,​ please avoid washing or drying in a dishwasher.
[Other Information]
*For information regarding name engraving,​ please contact the following e-mail address:
*Chinese characters,​ hiragana,​ katakana,​ and roman letters (cursive) can be engraved onto this item. However,​ the font of the engraving cannot be chosen. Thank you for your understanding.
*If the item is out of stock at the time of your order,​ it will be produced upon receipt of your order. This may cause a delay in shipment of some items. Please contact Customer Support regarding shipping dates.
*Due to the nature of this item's spun metal design and finish,​ lines may be visible on the surface. *This item is handmade one piece at a time; appearance and dimensions of actual item may differ slightly than what is shown in the item description.
*As this item is made of metal,​ damage to your floor or injury may occur if dropped; please handle with care.
*Please store the box in an environment away from direct sunlight,​ high humidity,​ and direct wind from air conditioning systems.
*Handling the box with wet hands or moist cloth may cause discoloration and stains.
*The included paulownia box is made with natural materials; please understand that its construction makes it subject to aging and changes in color and shape over time and depending on the use and storage environments.
Item No.  W06051

Copper Large Sake Cup (w/Name Engraving,​ Paulownia Box Included)
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