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Oven Plate S Frog Motif

JP¥ 750   (US$ 7.00)
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A handy item for busy mornings. Don't want to fuss but still want a good breakfast?
Try useful items such as this made for a toaster oven. Make healthy breakfast quickly and easily!

A toaster plate that can be used over an open flame, or in a microwave or oven. Comes with a darling illustration.
Make toast while cooking eggs! An eco-friendly item to save electricity and to shorten the time for making breakfast.

Bankoyaki ware made using traditional techniques.
Bankoyaki porcelain is one of many traditional crafts that has superior heat resistance. It is classified as semi-porcelain which possesses features of both ceramic and porcelain.

Bankoyaki is one of the local industries representing the Yokkaichi city in Mie Prefecture. In 1979 Jan. 12th, it was designated as one of the traditional crafts of Japan. The ware boasts high heat resistance, for which Bankoyaki purple-clay tea pots and earthen pots are famous.
●Materials: Heat resistant ceramic
●Made in: Yokkaichi,​ Mie Prefecture
●Brand Name: Bankoyaki
●Size: 16.2 x 12.2 x 2.3cm
●Weight (Product only) [g]: 200
●Weight (Packaging materials incl.) [g]: 240
●Handling Instruction: This item may absorb water. Please dry it completely after use before storing. This will prevent molding and unpleasant odor.
*Designed for use over an open flame or in a microwave or oven. Resistant to temperature variations of more than 350℃. *Can be used over an open flame,​ or in an oven or microwave.
*Item will be manufactured after order placement should it be out of stock. Therefore,​​​ depending on the item,​​​ delivery may be delayed. Please contact customer service regarding the delivery date.
Item No.  W07812

Oven Plate S Frog Motif
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